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Obesity is more significant today than at any time in modern history. People are overeating on a regular basis and are consuming foods that are high in calories and low in nutrients. The fact is that about 60% of Americans are now either overweight or obese. The problem also affects children.

HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a hormone that is secreted during pregnancy. It is the hormone that is measured when using the EPT test. Through research Dr. A.T.W. Simeons found that taking small amounts of HCG has the effect on the body of decreasing appetite and allowing the body to burn fat while on a very restricted 500 calorie per day diet. Weight loss while on HCG typically varies between 20-30 lbs. in a month, depending on many factors including how faithfully the diet is followed. Most patients find that they are not hungry and easily maintain the recommended eating plan.

Does HCG work for weight loss? Yes! And it works in three distinct ways. The first effect is that it curbs your appetite, allowing you to eat a very restricted 500 calorie per day diet without being hungry all the time. The second effect is that it maintains your metabolism at a normal level so that your body continues to burn calories at a normal rate. The third effect is that it mobilizes your abnormal body fat in such a way as to allow it to be used to fuel your body.

HCG Diet works for men and women in Margate Florida
Many people wonder why they just can’t eat 500 calories per day and lose weight. The reason this doesn’t work is that without HCG after a few days you would be very hungry and begin to eat in excess to make up for the calories you didn’t consume. Additionally, a diet consisting of only 500 calories per day would cause your metabolism to slow down. This is called a starvation reaction. If your body thinks it’s starving it will slow down your metabolic rate to conserve calories in an effort to keep you alive. This causes you to maintain your current weight, the EXACT OPPOSITE of what you want to do. It also sets you up to gain weight as soon as you begin to eat normally because your body in the reduced calorie burning mode will store calories more easily as fat.

Many times when we interview patients they will tell us that they “really don’t eat“. Typically they eat only dinner and then it’s a salad and they still don’t lose weight. This is a person whose metabolism has gone into hibernation and is doing everything it can to maintain their body weight.

We have been working closely with patients and achieving exceptional results. Patients not only lose weight, they learn how to eat properly, keep the weight off, and improve their health. By decreasing their excess weight they take stress and strain off of their spine, their hip, knees, and ankles. They decrease their chances of becoming diabetic. They decrease their risk of getting breast, colon and prostate cancer. They decrease their cardiovascular risk. In short there are many reasons to lose weight and HCG is a very effective tool in the fight against obesity and disease.

We hope that answers your question Рdoes HCG work for weight loss? Our HCG Diet and Weight Loss Program has been truly producing amazing results for our patients in Margate, Coral Springs, Coconut Creek, Parkland, Boca Raton, Tamarac and Pompano Beach Florida. If you have any more questions about HCG or our program please call us to schedule a free no obligation consultation at (954) 586-8079.