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Below you’ll find a multitude of testimonials from many satisfied HCG patients we have worked with over the years. We also have reviews posted at GOOGLE and at Wellness.com. Give us a call today. We have very affordable prices for our weight loss program.

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    HCG Diet Before and After Pics - Coral Springs Florida




    Lauren T.,
  • Before and After Pics of Samantha Cooper on the HCG Diet

    Samantha lost a total of 51 pounds!

    I have always been very active and into sports like cycling and running and my weight just wasn’t leaving. It was suggested that I try the HCG diet and after doing my research and endless YouTube videos I decided to give it a try. My Holistic nutritionist Amy Carlson, explained the process and what is expected for healthy weightless. At that moment I decided to follow all directions and try it because my way wasn’t working. I chose to meet with Amy Carlson every week to discuss my weight and check my measurements as it helped me to be accountable.

    With the help of my mother preparing my meals and being supportive I was able to complete the program successfully losing 40 pounds within the duration.

    I was nervous about the maintinance phase do to reintroducing more foods back into my diet. There are some foods that won’t ever make it back in to my life because they have no purpose. To my surprise I continued to lose weight during this phase and with exercise and correcting bad eating habits I have lost a total of 51 pounds and 17 inches and still going. I am now in the 100’s which is a great thing. This plan kickstarted my metabolism and no sweets or tempting food will get in my way.

    I don’t plan to do another round because I now no how to eat correctly and I have the formula for success. The key to success in this program is to prepare your meals for the week, follow the directions, drink your required water intake and to weigh every day. You can do it!

    Samantha L. Cooper, M. Ed.
    37 years old, North Lauderdale

  • A new way of living/eating. On the HCG diet I lost 26 pounds, but most importantly I learned a new way to eat. I was never hungry during diet and recieved plenty of support and guidance from Dr. Freeman

    Joe, Parkland Florida


  • Loved the program, easy to stick to, I have been on the diet on maintenance & still loosing weight. To date lost 32+ my back has improved from the wt loss! Dr. Freeman is the BEST! The staff great and very supportive. I would recommend this diet to everyone that wants to loose weight.

    Lori, Margate Florida

  • I started HCG about 6 months ago and I have done 2 rounds so far with a total weight loss of 50 lbs. I was nervous about the whole thing in the beginning, but honestly it is the easiest program to complete. As long as you go into it with a positive attitude and the attitude that you really want to change your entire life not only the way you look. I have and would recommend this to anyone I know at this point. The program itself is easy you dont feel hungry even though it’s only 500 calories a day. My energy was through the roof and my sleep improved beyond anything i thought possible.

    Tori, Coral Springs

  • I did the 30 day HCG diet program here and was pleasantly surprised and amazed at the results. I lost over 20 pounds in the first month. I have to say the diet was pretty easy, I was not too hungry, and my energy level was pretty good throughout the entire month. I made it to my goal weight after a second round of HCG and I am very happy. Total lost – 38 pounds. The MD and the nutritionists here were very helpful. I really enjoyed this program and I think you will too!

    Jordan, Pompano Beach

  • I was really nervous when I started this plan. I was going off alot of my diabetes meds plus I couldn’t figure out how I was going to live on 500 calories a day. Boy was I wrong…..the HCG so curbed my appetite that I had to force my self to eat. I adjusted to eat differently very quickly. The weight just poured off of me. Before you knew it it was 4 weeks, 38 pounds and 11 1/2 inches. My blood sugar was normal and my life has changed. I can’t wait for maintance to end so I can go bask on the HCG.

    Sean P. of Boca Raton

  • I really liked this HCG diet… i was kinda hesitant at first to try it because of the low cal diet plan but the HCG made it a breeze. It was really motivating to see the pounds peel off so quickly. I averaged about 5 lbs. of weight loss per week and finished the month losing a little over 20 pounds. I like this program and I have referred some friends to it. Two thumbs up!

    Crystal, Coconut Creek

  • I tried the HCG diet and lost 20 lbs my face is smaller, my stomach is smaller and look good. I actually got used to eating 500 calories a day it wasn’t bad, some days I had to force myself to eat because I wasn’t hungry.

    Karen, Coral Springs Florida

  • Before and After Pics of Barry Epstein on the HCG Diet

    Barry lost a total of 110 pounds!

    I have lost 112 pounds on the HCG diet with 40 more to go. It is the only diet I have been able to stay on as all others failed due to increased appetite. HCG reduced my appetite so that I was never hungry staying on the protocol. Dr. Abe and Dr. Kirk were awesome in working with me every week, encouraging me and tweaking my needs and concerns. I can not speak more highly of them and Dr. Landon, my acupuncturist at Care Wellness Center. As a prominent highly visible businessman in the community, I am happy to be a walking billboard for them and continue to refer any and all to their practice. If anyone wants to discuss it with me, feel free to call me at 561.852.0000

    Barry Epstein, APR, Coral Springs

  • I am a 38 year old female that absolutely loved the HCG diet! I started putting on some weight in my late 30’s and needed to get it off quickly. I had heard about the HCG diet from a friend and saw her success so I thougtht I would give it a try. I started at 149 and am now at my goal weight of 122 after 30 days. There were mornings when I thought my scale was broken! I was losing 1-2 pounds a day. My stomach has not been this flat since before I had my children and now I get compliments all the time about how great I look. One thing that I am most thilled about is that I not only lost weight, but my cholesterol levels went down, I sleep much better and more soundly, and I’m not as anxious and moody as I used to be. This is a whole lifestyle change for me and I accept it with open arms. I honestly never felt this good!

    Evangeline R. – Boca Raton Florida

  • I was stuck in a rut. I knew how I wanted to feel and look but couldn’t bring myself to be motivated for more than two minutes. While on the HCG Diet I ate delicious foods, had more energy and never felt like I was “dieting”. By the end of the first week I could see results, and let me tell you how good it feels to wake up each morning knowing I lost at least another pound! Doing the HCG 30 day program literally transformed my whole life. I sleep great, look and feel amazing! Please try this diet, you won’t regret it!

    Frank P. – Margate Florida

  • I was reluctant at first to try the HCG diet because the daily low calorie intake of 500 calories really scared me. I didn’t think I could do it. I thought I would immediately start cheating if I was eating so little. Well, I was pleasantly and completely surprised and amazed that it was so easy. By the end of the first week I had to remind myself that I needed to stop what I was doing to eat dinner. My appetite was really curbed with the HCG. Long story short, I lost over 23 pounds the first month. I can’t say enough about HCG and this program!

    Catherine Mary – Hollywood, Florida

  • I did two rounds of HCG and lost 45 pounds! Thank you Dr Freeman! I feel like a new person. I now look in the mirror and am proud at what I see. I am no longer depressed, stressed, and anxious. I exercise now 5 times a week and feel like I have a life again. Please give this diet a try!

    Carol M. – Coral Springs, Florida

  • Amazing, amazing, amazing! I lost 12 pounds in the first week alone. The second week only four, lol. But I am in my third week and I told Dr Freeman I wanted to tell everyone about this diet because I am not hungry and my energy level is great. And especially when after a week I lost 12 I was floored. I am so happy and Dr Freeman, you’re a godsend. Thanks so much…

    Danielle S. – Coconut Creek, Florida