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HCG Sublingual Pills
What’s the difference between HCG Injections, HCG Pills and Homeopathic HCG Drops? Many patients are overwhelmed by the massive amounts of information found on the internet concerning the different forms of HCG and the various ways that it can be administered.

HCG was initially supplied in the injectable form to be placed subcutaneously (under the skin) usually in the abdominal fat. HCG injectable is the form utilized during the research however, because many people are uncomfortable giving themselves injections, newer and less invasive forms of this hormone have become popular.

There are several draw backs to HCG in its injectable form. Once reconstituted from the powder it needs to be refrigerated. You have to know how to reconstitute it properly or the dosage could be too weak or too strong which would affect its action on the body. Finally, there is always a risk of infection at the injection site, just as with any injection.

As a result of the above concerns and as HCG grew in popularity, HCG pills were developed. The oral pills eliminate the problems of refrigeration and injections but needed to be made stronger because the absorption orally is not the same as when HCG is injected. Once this problem was solved the oral route of administration became increasingly popular. If the oral HCG is of the right dosage there seems to be no difference in the results achieved with oral as compared to HCG injectable forms.

Homeopathic HCG drops were another popular form of administration until recently. Homeopathic HCG allows patients to follow the HCG diet protocol without injection and are considerably less expensive. There were many patients using the HCG homeopathic and getting mixed results. Mostly we hear that patients seem to be hungrier with the homeopathic drops than with the injectable or oral forms, and don’t seem to lose as much weight as with their counterparts. HCG homeopathic drops are no longer used due to FDA regulations.

At Care Wellness, we use HCG Pills as well as the HCG Injectable. We find that it is a matter of choice for our patients. Both are easy to administer for patients, safe, highly potent and greatly effective at burning pounds of fat over the course of the diet. So whatever route you choose, the HCG will work.

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