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With any diet plan the ultimate goal is not only to lose the weight but to maintain the weight loss after the diet is over. One of the unique facets of the HCG diet plan is that it helps to reset your body’s weight set point. The HCG diet is comprised of eating small quantities of healthy foods while restricted to just 500 calories. By maintaining your daily caloric intake at 500 calories over the 30 days of the diet, and by cutting out “junk carbohydrates” adaptive changes within your endocrine system take place. These changes serve to maintain healthier blood sugar levels which will ultimately influence how your metabolism deals with calories and the storage of excess calories as fat.

What many people who carry around excess weight don’t realize is that the body will work hard to maintain the status quo and if the status quo is 80 pounds overweight your body will work hard to maintain that weight. Fat cells secrete a hormone called leptin, one property of which is to create the feeling of fullness or satiety. Leptin also causes inflammation within the body which significantly affects the arteries and the heart.

When someone has large amounts of excess fat tissue they secrete more Leptin. Increased amounts of Leptin circulating in the blood over time make the body Leptin “resistant” almost like diabetics become insulin resistant. When this phenomenon occurs the normal appetite suppression created by this hormone does not occur and the normal feed back loop for satiety does not work. In English, if you are fat, your fat is keeping you fat.

Losing this excess fat via the HCG diet protocol can help to re-establish normal hormonal levels of leptin, allowing normal appetite suppression to occur. This can help to maintain normal body weight after the 30 day HCG Diet and subsequent HCG Maintenance Diet is no longer being followed. As with any diet plan it is ultimately up to you as to how you will conduct yourself after you have completed the program. No diet plan can guarantee that you will keep the weight off if you return to your old unhealthy eating patterns.

In regards to an HCG Maintenance Diet, there is a 3 – 6 week HCG diet plan that is a revised form of the initial 30 day HCG Diet where you eat larger portions of food, but basically the same types of food. Our clinical nutritionist will go over this HCG Maintenance Diet with you. After this 3-6 week period, you and the nutritionist can assess if you need to lose more weight. If that is the case, you can do another round of the HCG Diet in order to reach your goal weight. The wonderful thing about our program is that once you are ultimately done with the HCG Diet and the subsequent HCG Maintenance Diet, you will have a wealth of nutritional knowledge that you can use to make lasting adjustments to your diet and lifestyle to keep the weight off. Educating our patients with weekly weigh-ins, support and counseling are what sets our weight loss program apart.

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